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The walkers of the North
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Crossing the Barren Grounds across the taïga and the tundra  
An expedition in the far North of Canada PDF version
The North : from the Northwest Territories to Nunavut
A crossing from the south to the north of the Barren Grounds
60 days, 800 km with skis and pulka, starting mid-march 2010
The route
This expedition is inspired by Samuel Hearne's journal, A Journey from Prince of Wales’s Fort in Hudson’s Bay to the Northern Ocean. We will discover a splendid nature while walking in the steps of aboriginal people. Starting from Yellowknife, near Great Slave Lake (Northwest Territories), we will progress towards of the east of the Great Bear 
Lake near the Arctic Circle. A turn will bring us to the banks of the Coppermine River which we will follow up to the sea shore and Kugluktuk (Coppermine), an inuit village in Nunavut. During the first third of the crossing a stop will be organized at Gameti (Rae Lakes), a First Nations community.
Two stages
- Yellowknife - Gameti (Rae Lakes), 300 km on the Dene territory
- 500 km to reach Kugluktuk located on inuit territory.
Communication and media exposure
- Following of the expedition thanks to a blog and website
- Film
- Videos for educational purpose
- Conferences and festivals
- Press covers
Marie-Hélène Fraïssé is the godmother of the expedition.

Plot the projected trajectory on a bigger map
Journalist, writer, reporter and radio producer at France-Culture, she has established the french edition of the Samuel Hearne's journal in 2002.

To contact us : contact@diagonale-groenland.asso.fr
The cost
Our overall budget reaches 25000 €, including the whole required equipment, clothes, food, fuel, flights and transportations, communication and insurances.
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